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Marketing Automation whitepaper
Best of breed vs Best of suite



The world of marketing automation is currently undergoing significant changes. On the side of businesses and organizations, we see a growing number of questions and requests, and on the software side, there is an increasing diversity of solutions. The proper configuration of your MarTech has a direct impact on the success of your marketing efforts.

“Choosing between Best of Breed vs. Best of Suite is not always necessary. A solution in which a suite is complemented with specialized marketing automation software is more common than you might think.”

— Martijn van Asten, Marketing Automation Specialist at 100procent.

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We delve deeper into two different approaches to marketing automation software: ‘Best of breed’ and ‘Best of suite.’ We explore the essential differences between the two approaches, analyze the characteristics of each, and provide insights to help you make the right choice for your organization. Whether you’re interested in a specialized approach with the best individual tools or an integrated ecosystem supporting multiple functions, this whitepaper provides knowledge, insight, and an overview of this current theme.

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  2. Tips for your martech stack
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