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Marketing Automation migration
The five biggest pitfalls



Discover the power of marketing automation and its impact on your marketing strategies in this whitepaper. In a world where the martech stack forms the backbone of modern marketing, and marketing automation acts as the engine automating repetitive tasks, it is essential to understand the benefits this technology brings. This whitepaper reveals how marketing automation increases efficiency, enhances customer engagement, and generates valuable insights, allowing marketers to focus on designing targeted, personalized campaigns. Download now and learn how to gain an edge in the digital era with marketing automation.

“Migrating is something you can learn, but it is still not entirely predictable. The success of migration relies on thorough preparation and sufficient support throughout the entire organization.”

— Martijn van Asten, Marketing Automation Specialist at 100procent.

In this whitepaper

  1. The ‘grass is greener’ syndrome

  2. Best of breed vs Best of suite

  3. Transferring data and campaigns

  4. Go-Live

  5. A solid roadmap for the future toekomst
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