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EOY campaign Carré great success

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Feastly end of year campaign Carré great success


Case study

Carré knows how to end a year festively! This year-end campaign not only proved to be a great way to thank visitors, but increased the active base by 15% by reactivating inactive recipients. Recipients also bought tickets for the performances mentioned in this email. And so Carré’s sales were increased with just a single email.

For several years, we have been Carré’s strategic marketing automation partner. We help them with their marketing technology, data integration and in setting the framework for various automated campaigns and creative campaigns such as this beautiful end-of-year campaign.

At Carré, in addition to creative concepts, we focus a lot on data enrichment, segmentation and the personalization of campaigns so that relevant emails are sent based on the right data. In this way, Carré gets to know its customers and visitors better and better and we can optimize campaigns for the best results. 

“We are very satisfied with the partnership we have with 100procent. With a proactive approach, a deep understanding of email marketing, and the ability to create creative concepts, it is a very nice agency to work with. Our strategy is based on a personalized approach, putting our visitor’s needs first. From these thoughts we have set up a number of pillars and KPIs, which we roll out step by step. Working together with 100procent is for us the key to a successful future in email marketing.”

E. de Klerk – van der Bel, Data Intelligence Marketer Royal Theater Carré

The reason

At the end of last year, Carré did not want to send its visitors a standard newsletter because of the holidays, but a festive campaign that was innovative and refreshing. In addition, they also wanted to use this moment to give an extra boost to ticket sales for the January performances of the World Christmas Circus.

The goal

The goal of this campaign was to amaze visitors with a true Carré experience via email. This campaign is purely about innovation and surprise, which is why no concrete, commercial goals had been set.

So although we had no commercial goal, this email did better than expected in terms of sales. Tickets were sold not only for the World Christmas Circus, but also for the other performances mentioned in this email. And with that, this email campaign generated as much revenue as other commercial campaigns.

A nice addition is that we also managed to activate inactive visitors with this campaign. This allowed us to grow the active base by about 15%. By active we mean recipients who open emails and click in them. We added these people to segments that are approached more often, so that from now on they will receive an e-mail from Carré more often. This campaign turned out to be not only a great way to end the year, but also suitable as a reactivation campaign.

The CTO of this campaign did not score high. This is because only at the bottom a number of performances were shown that you could click on. The focus was on the floating lady between the blocks of facts, not on clicking through to the website.


Email to visitors 2022

Open rate: 64%

CTO: 5.6%

Email to non-visitors 2022

Open rate 47.8%


CTO 4.8%

The case

We sent this campaign to visitors to Carré. A distinction was made between visitors who went to Carré in 2022 and visitors who went to Carré before 2022. Carré wished its visitors happy holidays and as you scroll down and read fun facts about Carré, a lady floats through the email with you. With this campaign, Carré wanted to thank its visitors for their visit and loyalty, as many tickets were purchased during the COVID period, which could only be used later. In addition, we also wanted to draw attention to the World Christmas Circus in the email, so timing was very important. By sending this e-mail at the right time, we triggered people to order tickets. Not only for the World Christmas Circus, but also for the other performances that were mentioned.

The technique

For this email, we used a parallax effect. The background is a combination of the theater building and the stage. To this background we added blocks of fun facts and a personalized block. In the personalized block you can see the last performance attended. Since this email was sent during the holiday season, we chose an extra festive lady who gracefully descends in a hoop in front and behind the blocks as you scroll down. To achieve that, we added all the blocks of facts separately and of course we took into account the display on desktop and mobile. The e-mail displays correctly in almost all e-mail clients. The exception, of course, is Outlook, so we developed a fallback for that, where you follow the rope down and see the lady hanging in the hoop. Another challenge with this concept was that the e-mail also had to look perfect on mobile. On mobile, the blocks are below each other instead of scattered left and right, due to the limited screen space. In the mobile view, the lady does descend between the text blocks.


Emails with facts about one’s buying behavior or usage are very popular these days. We did our best to collect surprising facts about Carré and the performances. In doing so, you see what your last visit was, provided it took place in the past year. It was only about actual theater visits, not about any tickets already purchased for a performance that has yet to take place. We looked at which tickets were purchased. In addition, we looked at other data. Someone may have canceled the order, not shown up, etc. By collecting all the data through different sources and segmenting it well, we were able to personalize the campaign based on the last performance attended.

Visitors who had not visited the theater in 2022 received an email without that personalized note, but with the other fun facts and trivia.

The future

This email did not include a feedback option. We deliberately did not place the well-known thumbs up and thumbs down. Nevertheless, Carré received an awful lot of positive feedback from recipients, through a reply to the email. The visitors were pleasantly surprised by the festive, personal e-mail, which confirmed that this campaign perfectly suited Carré and its visitors and that our goal was thus achieved.

We definitely want to use this experience and technique more often for other email campaigns, because customers of Carré have indicated to appreciate it. Of course, we want to continue to surprise, so we will not copy this campaign directly. We will also further exploit the power of personalization, for the highest return and best customer experience.


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