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Gamification Odido Business

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Email marketing gamification: seize your opportunity with Odido Business!


Case study

Odido Business sent its customers an email in late 2022 that gave them unique insight into the Unlimited opportunities of 2023. You could literally grab your opportunities with an interactive grab machine. Do you move the gripper and the ball lands in the bin? Then a USP of Odido (formerly T-Mobile) appears.

Last year we developed an end-of-year email campaign for Odido Business, as part of the customer contact strategy for existing customers.

Odido Business opts for gamification

The goal of this campaign was to increase engagement by surprising business contacts with an email that puts a smile on your face. Odido’s customers are used to a lot when it comes to email. They regularly receive interactive and personalized emails. So we wanted to go a step further and create the “wow” effect. 

Odido wanted to highlight Unlimited, the most important brand value, by showing that the possibilities with this innovative e-mail are also unlimited. This year they chose email marketing gamification starring a grabbing machine. Normally you see these at the carnival and grab stuffed animals or watches. 

In this e-mail you grab Christmas balls and with each ball you see a new USP of Odido. As an added surprise, each ball creates a different animation in the background. A Santa Claus flies by, snow swirls down and lights illuminate. Sometimes a ball falls out of the gripper, just like at the carnival. It can’t always be a hit. You can play the game indefinitely, and of course the sequence of balls, animations and the location where you grab the balls is always different. The combination of “events” is surprising and shows USPs of Odido in an original way. 

The results of the campaign

The most important KPI measured was the number of interactions. In other words, how often was the game played? We measured how often someone made a first attempt. On average, someone played the game 3.3 times. So the recipient certainly didn’t give up right away.

Facts & figures

Open rate: 47,9%
CTO: 19,1%
CTR: 9,1%

Last year we had created an email with snowglobe, where you shook the globe and the glass broke. Then there was an average of 2.1 clicks, now 3.8 clicks. Last year, 17.6% of openers had finished the game, this year it was 53%. In short, the email with grab machine was a great success.

Additional challenge

We know that interactivity is not well supported in every email client. That’s why we created multiple fallbacks, for example for Outlook. When you click on a coin in the fallback e-mail, you go directly to the web page where you see the coin disappear into the slot and then you can start. This seamless transition ensures that you don’t realize, that you are entering a different environment. As this goes to business customers of Odido, we know there is a high percentage of IPhone users. In IPhone, email interaction is fully supported. Via desktop, you click on the arrows to move the gripper. Via IPhone or any other smartphone you do that with your finger and the screen is a lot narrower. We made sure that the gripper is shown the same way, even in dark mode and it offers the same experience on all devices.

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