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Interpolis CTO 10x higher

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Interpolis newsletter CTO as much as 10x higher through hyperpersonalization


Every month Interpolis sends an average of 180,000 emails to its customers and thanks to hyperpersonalization we know how to provide relevant content at the right time. The CTO of the newsletters is 10x higher, thanks to the targeted articles, than when general newsletters were sent. Last year Interpolis knocked on our door and since then we have been able to professionalize e-mail.

As Marketing Automation Specialist at 100procent I, Martijn van Asten, am part of the team for email strategy and communication at Interpolis’ clients. In addition, as a marketing automation expert, I make sure that our clients get everything out of their marketing automation. Interpolis did send newsletters, but was not yet familiar with all the possibilities of Deployteq. Together with Interpolis, I determine the e-mail strategy, the campaigns and I support them in optimizing their marketing automation. Every week I work one day at the Interpolis headquarters, so we can switch even faster and make progress. At Interpolis we hyper-personalize campaigns in different ways to reach customers in an effective way.

“Thanks to Martijn, we have been able to make great strides over the past year. The combination of his expertise and our team produces great results. Our emails now have a higher CTO and CTR than the benchmark and we are relevant, customer feedback shows. The next step will be using email as a data enrichment tool for a full 360° customer view.”

– R. van der Vaart, Product Owner Omnichannel Personalisatie at Interpolis

Hyperpersonalization in newsletters

Interpolis strives to be personal and relevant. They want to (re)know and understand customers and add the right context to the customer view. With this data they can surprise customers and offer an omnichannel brand-specific experience through each. This certainly applies to email as well.

To make newsletters and other campaigns relevant, we at Interpolis personalize in several ways. Newsletters are made up of blocks of dynamic content, so the customer sees messages that are tailored to his or her personal situation. The content we show in a newsletter is based on:

– Click behavior previous mail
– Click behavior website
– Products purchased
– Products not taken
– Age

By taking several factors into account, we can hyper-personalize the newsletters for the best results.

Tagging and customer data in the newsletter

Interpolis’ monthly newsletter contains about 10 topics. Of these, 3 to 6 messages are based on relevance. We base the relevance on tags and customer data. For example, younger Interpolis customers see a message about a YouTube series and seniors receive tips on recognizing fraudulent phone calls. The CTO of the personalized messages is eight to 10 times higher than regular articles in the same newsletter. In other words, personalization pays off! We also post articles looking not only at customer data, but also at customer behavior.

We record whether someone through the website shows interest in a particular topic. We also monitor behavior in previous newsletters through tagging. This way we know immediately when someone is exploring a specific insurance policy.

We start this newsletter with an article targeted at customers who have shown active behavior on auto insurance. That means that if you clicked on an article about car insurance in previous newsletter and do not yet have car insurance with Interpolis, you will see this article.

The article about the chatterbox is only for people over 60 and the article about electric charging is only shown to customers who own an electric car.


“This is how to travel wisely this summer” is not targeted in this newsletter, but it is tagged with “summer vacation. This means that anyone who clicks on this article and does not have ongoing travel and/or cancellation insurance will see relevant content about it in the next email. We also personalize the homepage of the Interpolis website in this case, so that travel insurance is seen more prominently. And so, thanks to hyperpersonalization, you can highlight relevant content in different ways and the content of the newsletter is thus dependent on the recipient.


Personalized residential burglary barometer great success

Another great example of hyper-personalization at Interpolis the Burglary Barometer. At Interpolis you can discover the burglary risk in your area based on your 4-digit zip code. Interpolis also provides prevention tips against burglaries on the website Burglary Barometer: insight into your home burglary risk | Interpolis. You can subscribe to the residential burglary alert on this page. This is an e-mail that notifies you when the burglary risk in your area goes up.

Based on the number of break-ins and their recency, Interpolis calculates a burglary risk score. When this score increases, we send an automatic email. In the email, you’ll find the burglary barometer along with prevention tips. We utilize various data points to personalize this campaign, resulting in a 54% read rate for the alerts sent, with peaks approaching nearly 70%. The barometer has proven to be a significant success, allowing Interpolis to send automatic alerts to thousands of individuals.

Hyperpersonalization with Personalized Video

Currently, I’m working on an email featuring a personalized video. As you can see, we are still in the testing phase, but I can give you a sneak peek. There’s a test group that will receive this personalized video, and another group that will receive a generic one. After analyzing the results, we’ll decide whether to roll this out to all our customers.

What makes this video personal? The image at the top of the email is a personalized GIF featuring customer data. Clicking on it will take you to the Interpolis website where you’ll find a personalized video. The video incorporates specific customer data, allowing you to recognize yourself in it. It not only includes your name and location but also details about the product you have with Interpolis. You’ll see tips that are tailored to the insurance you have with us.

Ask your customers what they want

Finally, it may sound like stating the obvious, but if you genuinely want to provide relevant content, there’s only one thing to do… Ask your customers, readers, and recipients. What do they find interesting? What do they want to know about your company, product, or services? What are their needs? Interpolis has a dedicated group of recipients who receive the ‘At Our Home’ emails. In these emails, we seek feedback on various topics using a numerical rating. This group of readers determines what will be featured in the next email. Rest assured, the most clicked article will definitely make an appearance in the upcoming newsletter.

Hyperpersonalization is undoubtedly the ideal solution for a large insurance company like Interpolis to provide the right content to all its diverse target audiences. However, we also employ it for our customers in various other industries. Read in this customer case how hyperpersonalization enhances the brand experience for Hans Anders.

This is not limited to email as a marketing channel but applies to all channels. Hyperpersonalization has the most significant impact when deployed omnichannel.

Want to learn more about (hyper)personalization? Fill out the form below or send an email to martijn@100procent.email!

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